Johann Gregor van der

terracotta sculptor, brass founder

born Nimwegen/Holland, 1530

died after 1581

The artist who was born in the Netherlands represents the soft type of the mellow Renaissance that is typical for Italy. He spent intermittently over ten years in Nuremberg. After Labenwolff´s death he took over the foundry of the Vischers. There is evidence for his cooperation with Wenzel Jamnitzer. His ceramic works are highlight of the time. The small bust which has been preserved and is in Amsterdam now was produced in Nuremberg and is next to the self-portraits of Adam Kraft in St. Lorenz and Albrecht Durer in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich the most vivid self-portrait of an artist at all.

Dr. Pablo de la Riestra

Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 16th c.