brass founder, sculptor

Family of Nuremberg brass founders between Late Gothic and Early Renaissance Epochs, whose influence is detectable in the late 15th and in the early 16th century. They were highly specialized in producing bronze tomb panels. Their progenitor was Hermann Vischer the Elder, his son Peter the Elder had in turn three artist sons: Hermann the Younger, Peter the Younger and Johannes (Hans III.). TheVischers often worked acording to models of other artists as well. (Albrecht Durer et al.). This is also true for the architectural parts of their works, e.g. the casement of St. Sebald´s tomb.(most likely by Lienhard Ältlin from Kelheim on the Danube) As Peter the Elder worked together with his sons, it is not unambiguous who the respective works can be attributed to.

Period: 15th c., 16th c.

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