Johann Engelhardt Hermann

art wood turner

born Nürnberg, 10. Mar 1856

died Nürnberg, 30. Nov 1943

Saueracker was an artistic wood turner specialist who worked with wood and ivory. As a representative of Historism he was perfect, however, he literally quoted the creations from the great time of German ivory craft around 1600. He can be compared immediately with Jacob Zeller (1581-1620) and Georg Wecker (1566-1636) – these were great masters of geometry and the heirs of Wenzel Jamnitzers Perspectiva Corporum Regularium of 1568. This work developed further the creations from the Late Gothic period, which can be considered to be the real origin of the so-called contrefait spheres (architectural bases before and after 1500 in Esslingen, Ingolstadt etc.).

Dr. Pablo de la Riestra


Period: 20th c., 19th c.