born Freyburg an der Unstrut, 15. Mar 1900

died Rolle in der Schweiz, 23. Feb 1986

Ernst Neufert studied at Bauhaus in Weimar, where he worked as a professor for planning from 1926 on. While Walter Gropius probably was the most influential German architect of the 20th century Neufert´s influence was worldwide unique because of his “Architects´Data” which was published first in 1926. This book, which was translated into 18 languages, became the Bible of international architecture. It solved the problem of the relationship between space and function in working and living areas. Neufert´s name is connected with Nuremberg because of the famous plant of the Quelle-Mail-Order-House, which he designed masterly in a rationalist stylistic idiom.


Period: 20th c.