Veit d. Ä.
Hirsvogel (Hirschvogel, Hirsfogel)

stained glass painter

born Nürnberg, 1461

died Nürnberg, 24. Dec 1526

Grave no. 903 in the Johannis cemetery, epitaph dat. 1520, still existing.



Son of Heinrich. ∞ I) 1485 Barbara († beginning of May 1521), daughter of Hans Schatzer, Nestler, at least four sons and one daughter; II) Barbara, daughter of Nicolaus Geßner, at least one daughter Magdalena. Apprenticeship presumably in the workshop of his father or stepfather Michael Walther. Journeyman travelled among others to Strasbourg, where he worked for the glass painter's workshop of Peter Hemmel von Andlau, who also executed commissions in the Lorenzkirche in Nuremberg, among them the Volckamer window.


In 1495 he became the city glazier, a post he held until his death. In this capacity he carried out glass work on the town hall, the towers, the town houses, Schwarzenbruck and Hiltpoltstein in 1503/04. Designs by Albrecht Dürer, Hans Baldung Grien, Hans von Kulmbach, among others, were executed in his workshop; it evidently held a kind of monopoly position in the awarding of the most lucrative commissions, which testifies to an enormous capacity.





quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb

Style: Late Gothic